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                                                                 International MPLS

International MPLS allows businesses to network locations both inside and outside of the United States. MPLS provides any-to-any network connectivity between locations. MPLS networks can operate over Ethernet, DS3, OC3, T1, Bonded T1 or a combination of services.  

MPLS is an acronym that stands for Multiprotocol Label Switching. MPLS networks allow for greater flexibility in the management of network traffic. MPLS networks provide CoS (Class of Service) that allows the ability to prioritize network traffic. This facilitates the ability to run many applications over a single network. For example, an MPLS network can facilitate voice, video conferencing, and high priority data transfer efficiently on a single network.  

MPLS can also prioritize traffic for given locations. For example, if a business has scheduled a video conference for specific locations, video traffic can be given a priority for that specific day and time. Once the conference has ended, the data flow can return to its normal schedule.  

Because MPLS provides any-to-any connectivity, if service at one location is interrupted, the other locations can still communicate with one another.  

For international circuits, MPLS is often more cost effective than point-to-point private lines, because a business does not have to pay for the long haul (or distance) between locations.  

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